Articole în care apare Ingeborg Grässle

Letter from Omnis Group to Mrs. Ingeborg GRÄSSLE – Member of the European Parliament, Group of the European People’s Party

Omnis proved and reported to the Commission, from 5 May 2005 to the present, very serious frauds of European funds, plagiarism, cyber crime and corruption, committed by a criminal association of high level politicians, dangerous felons and Microsoft.

The Commission and OLAF decided to reject all of the legal standard of evidence presented by Omnis, to deny the obvious truth and to associate with the fraudsters, in order to benefit of Omnis’ works of the arts software. They still continue their profitable illegalities.

You mention “character assassination” and “broken people”, we proved exhaustively systematic and determined terrorist acts committed by OLAF and its partners in order to exterminate Omnis, and to socially and physically eliminate us. Omnis case is not an exception, it is the distorted functioning rule(s) of OLAF.

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Olaf cases reveal ‘serious legal loopholes’: Inge Gräßle

Olaf’s interference with the fundamental rights of European citizens breaches legal barriers and the organisation’s director general should tender his resignation, writes Inge Gräßle.

Being a ‘person concerned’ in an OLAF case may leave you feeling like K. in Franz Kafka’s ‘The Castle’. Allegations are never clarified or proven, and all attempts to shed some light on your own case eventually peter out.